5 Awesome Hacks That Will Change Every Budget Babe’s Life

It’s quite common for fashion-conscious women to always be trendy with how they dress up. They simply want to stand out in society with their fashion statement. While it’s true that Hollywood celebrities are the ones we typically base our fashion styles from, that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go to the point of buying the mega-expensive brands they usually go with. Thankfully that’s not the case and in real life and it is possible to look fabulous simply by incorporating the below mini hacks into your day-to-day life.

Thrift Shopping

There’s no better feeling than scoring a unique treasure from a thrift store that no one else will have. You can find a lot of amazing clothes on sale in thrift stores. All you have to do is to have the patience and the eye for the right clothes that will match some of your old outfits. Moreover, big department store chains also sell clothes on sale on an occasional or seasonal basis. You have to be updated on those things to be the first one to buy the good stuff on sale. Needless to say, the best things on sale are the first ones being sold. So, the saying, “The early bird catches the early worm.” really fits into this scenario. Macklemore wasn’t kidding when he told us to “pop some tags” because thrift shopping is definitely the cheaper alternative to finding some amazing treasures at a fraction of the cost.

Mixing and Matching

Don’t be afraid to mix and match outfits. If done correctly, you’ll be surprised at how it works wonders! Your old jeans might look new when paired with a different t-shirt or shoe style. Your vintage shirts or blouses will have a new look once paired with some accessories. This is the beauty of mixing and matching. Much like shopping is in our veins, women know that you don’t need to buy new clothes all the time to look more fashionable. The trick to refreshing your outfits is to make what you already own seem relatively new again. For example, that white jumper you wear every winter? Have you thought about layering it over a blouse or wearing the jumper under a pair of denim trousers? Small changes can enhance any existing outfit, so you don’t have to unnecessarily spend more money buying new stuff.

Fashion Magazine inspo

There are a lot of fashion magazines in the market today such as Vogue, In Style, and Vanity Fair, among others. You just have to be keen in observing the fashion styles of celebrities and get an idea from there. You don’t need to buy the exact brands they are wearing especially if you are on a budget. In saying that, try to avoid the urge to purchase under $10 shirts from just anywhere. Some shops where you can buy high-quality basics at bargain price range are ASOS, Jay Jays, Showpo and Katies ensures that the t-shirts you are purchasing look crisp, clean, and expensive looking. You also want to make sure you’re buying high-quality jeans, skirts, blazers. Places such as Jay Jays, Topshop, ASOS sell amazing jeans that are very affordable.

The Power of Accessories

We do not need to have a lot of clothes in our wardrobe just to flash a different look every time we go out of our houses. All we need to do is to buy neutral coloured clothes and heaps of accessories. Investing in accessories is much cheaper than buying lots of new clothes. Accessories can totally change the look and style of your clothes…transforming them into another kind of style that you never thought was even possible before. Accessories are designed to spice up a woman’s look, effectively making her come across as classy and sophisticated. Accessorizing is actually a cost-effective way of making sure that a woman does not grow sick and tired of her wardrobe because it’s just as good as buying new outfits.

Change Your Hairstyle

Your hair is your crowning glory…it can make or break you. So, if you want to look fashionably hot without going bankrupt, then, you need to do something with our hairstyle. A different kind of hair colour or style can instantly make a fashion statement. Also, do not underestimate what hair accessories can do. If applied correctly to your hair, they can make you look a million bucks.