9 Shocking Fashion Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Style

Fashion styles change constantly, thus, we need to be on the look for the latest fashion trends in order to avoid fashion mistakes we unconsciously commit every day. But, this can only be true to fashion enthusiasts though – how about for those who are not so fanatic about fashion, are they capable of committing fashion mistakes too? The answer to that is a big resounding YES! You need not be a fashionista in order to keep updated with the latest fashion styles. All you have to do is to take note of a handful of fashion tips that will help you avoid the so-called “everyday fashion mistakes”.

If you just saw your favourite celebrity wear the latest style on TV or on a magazine, do not assume that the style will also look good on you as well because let’s face it; that are certain physiques that look good in these clothes.

The bottom line: You are not a supermodel, so what may look good on Heidi Klum may not necessarily look good on you. You might just end up as the laughing stock of your friends or colleagues.

Skinny jeans are very much in nowadays; however, do not wear jeans that are too tight especially if you have a heavy build because it will only reveal unpleasant bulges on your tummy.

The bottom line: Accept your size and know what pant sizes will work best for you.

Do not buy clothes that are small for your size thinking that they will serve as your drive in losing weight so you will eventually fit in them. Included in this tip is not to buy jackets with very long sleeves and very long pants that will constantly get stuck on the bottom of your shoes.

The bottom line: You will look like a hanger wearing long jackets. You will only ruin your pants in the long run.

Refrain from mixing and matching clothes that you have bought on sale, especially if you do not have the skills in doing so. They just end up ruining your wardrobe.

The bottom line: If you do not have the talent in mixing and matching clothes, then, stop buying bits and pieces on sale.

If you want to layer clothes, make sure the outer garment is wide enough to form the inner layer to come out naturally.

The bottom line: You must be comfortable in layering clothes. Make sure the outer garment will support your stylish layered look.

It is not advisable to become comfortable with definite clothes. Wearing jeans every day will make you look boring and will give an impression to people that you have poor taste.

The bottom line: Never hesitate to wear stylish skirts in lieu of your comfortable jeans.

If you have clothes with underarm sweat stains, then, you might consider them part of your house clothes.

The bottom line: Throw away clothes with underarm sweat stains because they are a total turn off!

Choose the right underwear. They will do wonders in shaping your body to make you look good in certain outfits.

The bottom line: Different underwear will not give the same kind of support as others offer. You have to consider wearing body trimmers and push-up brassieres so they can do miracles on your figure.

The colour of your pantyhose must follow the colour of your skirt and your shoes.

The bottom line: Do away with white pantyhose if you are planning on wearing a black skirt and shoes—for colour parallelism and congruence sake.

Rising Star Fashion Designer Spotlight: Meet The Fabulous OOGII Flower

It never ceases to amaze us how much precious time most people waste trying to find that imaginary shortcut that’ll lead to massive wealth and entrepreneurial success when the only real way is staring them right in the face: genuine entrepreneurs who want to be successful in business needs to put in a lot of careful planning, research, and hard work – and that’s what Oyuntsetseg Olonbayar aka OOGII Flower has done over the years.

OOGII started her career at the age of 20, by getting a degree in Journalism. She then entered a competition that was searching for someone who would be a newsreader on Mongolian National TV. After a lot of effort and perseverance, she eventually won the contest, which is held every 14 years. Eventually, though, she realized that her passion was not really in being a newscaster but in fashion. So, she left journalism to focus more on creating her own fashion label. This risky move has eventually paid off, as she has built one of the fastest rising fashion empires. She went from creating glamorous and comfortable shoes to making exquisite handbags and now accessories. She has also expanded from an online business to a retail store in Japan and just recently in Mongolia.

Like many successful high-profile fashion designers, OOGII’s career has had a lot of highlights. For example, she got the chance to collaborate with Germani Jewelry to create a range of products for weddings. In addition, her high-quality designs have received positive comments from several customers. One of the most memorable feedback she has ever received was from footballer named Robbie Farah and Japanese Sumo Wrestler, Harumafuji Kohei. They gave her a really good review because they were impressed by the comfort of the shoes she makes. Fashion has also paved the way for her to meet a range of interesting people. For example, at a function celebrating International Women’s Day, she got to meet influential designer Carla Zampatti which is still one of the highlights of her career in fashion.

OOGII believes that the fashion industry can be difficult for people to get into. There are several things that designers need to learn before they can actually start making money from their designs such as learning to limit their production costs. You also need to have a realistic idea of how many products you’ll be able to sell while using the best materials. For example, OOGII uses sustainably farmed snake skins to create her shoes. By mastering this aspect in her business, OOGII has made it easier for her to produce more high-quality shoes at a comfortable pace. Despite her rapid rise to success, she hasn’t lost sight of the most important things in life. OOGII admits that she has been fortunate enough to get plenty of support from her friends and family. Her family and fiancé help keep her grounded and ensure that she continues to stay true to her values and beliefs.

Crossing from journalism to fashion has enabled OOGII to travel to many new places and meet inspiring people. Now that she’s on a roll – she has no intention of slowing down. She wants to start designing her own clothing label soon, as well as creating multiple new products. Brace yourself Australia, because OOGII is soon to take the Australian fashion scene by storm!

4 Surefire Ways To Style Yourself To Look Like A Hollywood Celebrity

Perhaps, you have just seen your favourite celebrity walk down the red carpet or enter the airport and somehow they have left you wishing that you were wearing the same clothes and accessories as what they have.

Let’s face it, we can’t deny the fact that celebs are always well dressed because they have the money to buy expensive clothes and afford top stylists. The thing is, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks – you can actually achieve the celeb look by simply following the tips below.

It’s all about experimenting with proportions

You need to experiment with proportions to find the right balance between shoes, sleeves, and hemlines. For example, you can consider wearing a long denim skirt and a turtleneck top with short sleeves together with a trench coat. On the other hand, if you feel like wearing long-sleeved blouses, then a short skirt and flats would make the perfect pair for it. Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with proportions.

Learn the art of mixing and matching patterns.

If in case you wanted to follow celebrities who have a bold fashion statement, then you should learn the art of mixing and matching patterns. As much as possible, avoid wearing tops and bottoms with the same pattern. For example, if your top has wide horizontal stripes, then you can wear jeans with slimmer vertical stripes. On the other hand, in case you would be layering two clothes, then make sure that they have different patterns. For example, one should have stripes while the other one should have polka dots.

Wear a longer coat

If wearing a dress is your style, then you can just simply wear a longer coat over it. Instead of wearing a coat with the same length as the dress that you are wearing, wear a coat that is at least, a few inches longer than it. On the other hand, if you don’t have a duster length coat, then you can choose a shorter skirt to pair with it.

The more monochromatic your clothes are, the more you will look like a celebrity

If you have noticed, most celebrities out there, wear monochromatic clothes instead of using clothes that are of different colors. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that you should always go for the exact same hue. In fact, you can go for the same color but with different shades. For example, if you’re going to a party and you have prepared a white dress, then you can look for a white coat and white shoes. For sure, you would capture the attention of the other guests who attended the event.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

So, you find yourself going online to get your new threads with the increasing regularity of late. The lure of fresh fashion picks delivered straight to your inbox is proving a little too hard to resist on occasion. Suddenly you are hitting that “Buy Now” button with reckless abandon. Perhaps you even have a particular store’s app or you know exactly what brand is stocking what, where and when. You are an ace at beating the packs to get that “must-have” item every week.

Now, it’s become a hobby… or should that be an obsession. No matter your level of participation (or addiction) rest assured you are not alone amongst the landslide of consumers now turning toward online fashion shopping.

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular by the minute (or should that be by the gig). Relatively new crops of cheap and cheerful fashion brands are fast becoming household names: take “Boohoo,” “ASOS” “The Iconic” and “Pop Cherry” as prime examples. Ostensibly, it’s no little wonder as to their burgeoning success. The world of Internet fashion appears to offer a less costly, more diverse range of stock that is available to the consumer 24/7. However, there are some definite downsides to the e-commerce fashion industry, not least of all the effect it has on conventional retailers.

According to a Roy Morgan report (source ABC) online retail shopping reached mainstream status in the first quarter of 2013. This followed a decade of consistent yearly growth. Shoppers are drawn to the Internet not just because of price but also because of the time factor. We can now shop at the click of a mouse on our lunch break. The biggest drawcard is ultimately the amazing array of latest fashions and limitless choice that can be accessed instantaneously (as opposed to having to trawl through boutiques, department and chain stores).

One obvious flaw to this system is that you can’t try before you buy. Some online fashion stores do provide a money-back guarantee or refund policy, but, the general state of affairs appears to be “caveat emptor” or “buyer beware”. When you find that delicious dress (that looked so perfect on the model) squishes your boobs, sits halfway across your butt cheeks and is made of some nylon fabric more akin to under than outerwear then the fine print on the website suddenly draws a real interest.

A lot of cheap fashion sites do provide free shipping, but if your garment doesn’t fit you then sometimes the only recourse the business provides is store credit. You will most likely find that the item you ordered in the new size you need is unavailable by the time you have sent off the ill-fitting (or poor quality) item in the post as requested. Keep in mind that you will have to bear the cost of sending the item back (a wise suggestion is to use registered post).

If the item is faulty then it isn’t “fit for purpose” and legally you are entitled to a refund and can make a complaint to the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC). By all means, you can chase a company down. But, be prepared for a major headache. With the cheap prices comes the fact that some online companies seem to be run in some dodgy manner that doesn’t involve an actual telephone contact (or so they claim). It’s the perfect “out” to retain profits.

By the time you have emailed them 15 times and contacted the ACCC you are wishing you never spent that $39.99 in the first place. Contrast this with the traditional retail experience where you can access physical recourse. With an actual store, you can show the item to the shop assistant. It’s a whole lot harder for them to ignore you then it is for some random at the end of an email address.

Using review sites to check online reputations is a great idea. You can search for an online shopping retailer on sites like “estorereview.com.au”. A suggestion… try searching reviews on “Pop Cherry.” The results will yield an amalgamation of everything great and everything wrong with the online fashion shopping experience in relation to this particularly controversial company.

For great general consumer advice, a visit to the “choice.com.au” website is always worthwhile. It is always advisable to do your research when it comes to shopping online, particularly in relation to buying clothing. Sometimes, it pays to try before you buy. Sometimes the lure of instant gratification proves all too much. In any case, online fashion has proven to be much more than just a trend; it is a solid feature of our everyday way of life.