How To Dress Classy And Look Like A Million Bucks On A Shoestring Budget

Let’s face it; it’s standard for fashion conscious individuals to always look chic and fabulous.  They simply want to stand out in society with their fashion statement.  While it is true that Hollywood celebrities are the ones we copy our fashion styles from, but, we need not go to the point of imitating the brands of the clothes they wear!  Of course, we will always see them wearing expensive designer clothes.  But, if you’re a practical woman with a sense of fashion there are actually alternatives that will still make you look fabulous in a budget-friendly way.

Subscribe to Fashion Magazines

There are a lot of fashion magazines on the market today—Vogue, In Style, Vanity Fair, among others.  You just have to be keen on observing the fashion styles of famous celebrities and get an idea from there.  You don’t need to buy the exact brands that they are wearing especially if you are on a budget, but you can always visit sites like the budget babe who can show you where to get celeb outfits at a much cheaper price.

 Mix and Match

Checking out various fashion magazines have given us an idea what clothes look trendy and fashionably hot.  Do not be afraid to mix and match outfits.  It is important that we take courage and enjoy doing this; otherwise, we might end up uncomfortable with the clothes we mixed and matched.  If done correctly, you may be surprised at how it works wonders!  Your old jeans might look new when paired with a different t-shirt or shoe style and your vintage shirts or blouses will have a new look once paired with accessories.


You don’t need to have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe just to flash a different look every time you go out of our house.  All you need to do is buy neutral coloured clothes and heaps of accessories.  Investing in accessories is much cheaper than buying lots of clothes. You will be in awe of knowing how accessories can totally change the look and style of your clothes…transforming them into another kind of style that you never thought was even possible before.

Dig In Thrift Stores

You can find a lot of clothes on sale in thrift stores.  All you have to do is to have the patience and the eye for the right clothes that will match some of your old outfits.  Moreover, big department store chains also sell clothes on sale on an occasional or seasonal basis.  You have to be updated on those things in order to be the first one to buy the good stuff on sale.  Needless to say, the best things on sale are the first ones being sold.  So, the saying, “The early bird catches the early worm.” really fits into this scenario.

Change Your Hairstyle

Hair is our crowning glory…it can make or break us.  So, if we want to look fashionably hot without breaking out banks, then, we need to do something with our hairstyle.  Did you know that a different kind of hair colour or style can instantly make a fashion statement?  Also, do not underestimate what hair accessories can do.  If applied correctly to your hair, they can make you look a million dollar baby!

5 Simple Tips To Maintain The Picture-Perfect Complexion

Our skin reacts to the environment we are in. I’ve worked with hundreds of girls over the years and one of the things I discovered is that not many people change their makeup and skincare seasonally.

It’s a great practice to get into the habit of switching up your key products according to the seasons. As a model, products and layers of heavy makeup are applied on the daily. One of the top priorities for you should be a consistent regime to maintain the perfect complexion. Here are five helpful tips to help save your skin:

More Sunshine = More Sunscreen

Get into the habit of using an SPF daily, as Aussie sun is extremely damaging even though we’re currently in the middle of winter. Whether that be swapping out your foundation for a tinted SPF, or adding a layer of sunscreen as your primer. To avoid issues with pigmentation, loss of collagen, elastin and accelerated signs of aging – always use an SPF30+ when outdoors. SPF 50+ for added points of protection.

You can easily dodge pigmentation concerns when you incorporate a consistent sunscreen routine into your beauty regime. If you have pigment/melasma concerns, serums that are high in Vitamin C, Niacinamide or Retinol are great options for daily treatment.

Detox More Frequently

Always amp up your cleansing and detoxing regime. Ensure you are doing deep cleansing masks or treatments once a week, on top of your daily double cleanse at night with your preferred cleanser (Kaolin clay masks work great, or oxygen activated products are the new rage at the moment). Sunscreen absorbs deeper into the skin, thus cleansing has to be incredibly effective.

Facials are a great way to eliminate toxins via lymphatic drainage and are a cheat way to achieve a glowing complexion within one session. I would highly recommend a facial with a reputable skin clinic with every change of season, that way you are always staying on top of your skin needs.

Don’t Forget Your Toner

When toners first came onto the market, they were laden with heavy acids and alcohol. These are the ones that should be used sparingly, and even avoided!

Hydrating, cleansing toners on a cotton pad as a last step of your cleansing regime will always show you how much makeup and cleanser you didn’t take off (our hands only take off 60% of our makeup, scary times!). It’s so important that we have clean skin before any moisturizer is applied. Toner also helps your serums, and creams penetrate deeper into the skin, so, therefore, you don’t have to use as much cream as you think you need! Win-win!

Bold Trends For Wintertime Glam

There is something about wintertime that calls for elevated glam. I love adding Classic Reds and punchy bright hues of fuchsia or deep oranges to enhance a glowy complexion.

DO: keep your lipstick texture in mind.

If you’re prone to dry lips, opt for creamy formulas, or sheer glossy lipsticks (and be sure to exfoliate your lips beforehand). That way they will fade to a soft tint over the evening. If you don’t feel like touching up over the evening, reach for the punchy mattes and keep the colour within the edges of the lip line. Remember, you don’t need lip liners with matte liquid lipsticks! Still afraid of the bold? Make your lip more wearable by using your finger as the applicator. Then using the tip of your ring finger, softly diffuse the colour around the lip line, creating more of a stained effect.

DON’T: Go overboard with the rest of your makeup when playing up the lip.

Keep the rest of the complexion clean and sophisticated. Meaning, you should keep your eyes softer to bring more attention to the gorgeous bright lip. Opt for bronze shadow. That way you are bringing attention to one area of the face, this is how you create balanced makeup.

About Kim Barry:

While assisting multiple artists, Kim has also worked for Mecca Cosmetica, in both management and artistry for the last six years. With a strong background in skincare teamed with luxury makeup, she has earned a reputation for creating the perfect, photographic complexion. Clients and productions Kim has worked for and collaborated with include; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (runway), Best & Less (TVC), Keno (TVC), SBS Australia (film), Masterchef (television), Packed to the Rafters (television), Vogue Living Australia (print), Cosmopolitan Magazine (print), American Apparel (print), General Pants (print), and more. She has also worked alongside several international makeup artists for brand events such as By Terry, Chantecaille, Hourglass, and Stila.

The Brutal Truth Of What It Takes To Be A Fashion Designer

I hate to be the one to burst the bubble of fashion enthusiasts, but there are a lot of misconceptions about fashion designing. One of which is the thought that it is easy for you to become part of the statistics of the most popular fashion designers such as Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Georgio Armani, among others. Another misconception is that fashion is all about glamour! Well… Surprise! It’s not. Just like being a famous celebrity, everything that is too good to be true has a certain price to pay for. Third, fashion schools teach only the basic things you need to know. When you eventually go out in the real world to start your business, you will be shocked to find out that you still have a lot to learn.

Passing Through the Eye of a Needle

In all actuality, becoming an established fashion designer is just like becoming a bonafide movie star. It’s like a camel passing through the eye of a needle. First and foremost, you have to compete with famous fashion designers who serve as the edifice of the industry… which is by the way, close to impossible. If you are persistent enough, then, perhaps, you can still land a career in fashion and you might even end up working for a recognized and reputable fashion designer. Start doing your homework and reading other materials that will help you get prepared for the big challenges ahead of you – it’s going to be a bumpy road.

The Price You Have to Pay

If you become an established celebrity, privacy will certainly be a luxury. Do you also know that there are some famous fashion designers that commit suicide? Why is this so? It’s simply because they are not happy…the truth is – behind the fame, popularity, and glamour…there is emptiness deep inside them that cannot be satisfied by self-fulfillment.

Fashion 101

In fashion school, you are taught to sew, draw, sketch, drape and make patterns. Once you have finished the course, you will feel confident that you are equipped with the needed knowledge, skills and values to succeed as a fashion designer. Alas! While the skills you learned in a fashion school are important, some of the stuff you learned is not as practical in the real world of fashion. If you decide to become an intern, you are expected to know how to sketch flats, design clothes using CAD’s, create garment specs and prepare presentation boards. Having said that, it is quite normal that all your ideal expectations will probably be shattered into bits and pieces. Eventually, you’ll realize that you have to mostly self-teach yourself with all the new concepts being thrown at you.

Different Branches of Fashion

Fashion is a massive entity in itself… it is not always about clothes. In fact, there are a lot of niches you can tap into in the fashion industry — you can be a stylist, designer, photographer, forecaster, and merchandiser, among others. If you are lucky enough, you will have the opportunity to experience working with some of them, if not all. And from there, you can weigh things up and determine which category really suits you best. It is important for you to develop an action plan so you’ll more likely have a better chance of reaching your goals.

4 Surefire Ways To Style Yourself To Look Like A Hollywood Celebrity

Perhaps, you have just seen your favourite celebrity walk down the red carpet or enter the airport and somehow they have left you wishing that you were wearing the same clothes and accessories as what they have.

Let’s face it, we can’t deny the fact that celebs are always well dressed because they have the money to buy expensive clothes and afford top stylists. The thing is, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to look like a million bucks – you can actually achieve the celeb look by simply following the tips below.

It’s all about experimenting with proportions

You need to experiment with proportions to find the right balance between shoes, sleeves, and hemlines. For example, you can consider wearing a long denim skirt and a turtleneck top with short sleeves together with a trench coat. On the other hand, if you feel like wearing long-sleeved blouses, then a short skirt and flats would make the perfect pair for it. Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with proportions.

Learn the art of mixing and matching patterns.

If in case you wanted to follow celebrities who have a bold fashion statement, then you should learn the art of mixing and matching patterns. As much as possible, avoid wearing tops and bottoms with the same pattern. For example, if your top has wide horizontal stripes, then you can wear jeans with slimmer vertical stripes. On the other hand, in case you would be layering two clothes, then make sure that they have different patterns. For example, one should have stripes while the other one should have polka dots.

Wear a longer coat

If wearing a dress is your style, then you can just simply wear a longer coat over it. Instead of wearing a coat with the same length as the dress that you are wearing, wear a coat that is at least, a few inches longer than it. On the other hand, if you don’t have a duster length coat, then you can choose a shorter skirt to pair with it.

The more monochromatic your clothes are, the more you will look like a celebrity

If you have noticed, most celebrities out there, wear monochromatic clothes instead of using clothes that are of different colors. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily mean that you should always go for the exact same hue. In fact, you can go for the same color but with different shades. For example, if you’re going to a party and you have prepared a white dress, then you can look for a white coat and white shoes. For sure, you would capture the attention of the other guests who attended the event.

A Beginner’s Guide: 7 Essential Style Tips Every Man Should Know

Runway is slowly turning into a man’s world with famed male supermodels who incontestably cover high-fashioned magazines such as GQ, Guess, Vogue, Burberry, Calvin Klein, and Versace. Various style bibles for men are now at the forefront of the glamorous fashion realm which solidifies the attractive truth relating to the importance of men’s grooming and style. Indeed, Men’s wardrobe is as equally significant as women’s and to have our gentlemen face the world in an extremely inelegant manner may earn them strong disapproval from many.

Today, let’s celebrate the unignorable contribution of top tier male models to the fashion industry as we uncover the nuts and bolts of Mister Fashionable and the timeless fashion must-haves that should drape such manly frames.

A good pair of jeans

Buy perfectly-styled jeans and you’re in. This is one of the most versatile and timeless pieces that we should never live without as you can easily wear them everywhere. Go for tried and true washes such as faded blue jeans, dark and original blue denim for styles that are guaranteed to last forever.

The Power of White Shirt

Your white tee is probably the most comfortable ensemble that will never be out of the trend. It provides a combination of classy and contemporary appeal that all men should desire to maintain.

Snuggle with your favourite sweater

Find various types of sweaters that you can simply pull out from your closet when you need them. Know what styles look best on you and snuggle with class.

One well-tailored suit for a well-dressed man

Special and memorable events require you to appear in the sleekest and stylish suit that can magnetize all lovely ladies around. The elegance of black and the classiness of grey will save you from appearing a cheapskate.

Have a magnificent taste for ties

Although tie changes its trends as frequent as the season changes, investing in the basics would comfort you on times when you need them. The key to this one is simple and mismatching often ensues to a terrible fashion disaster that you would never want to be in. When buying a tie, it is highly recommended to consider the colour and pattern as they should suit well with your shirt.

Secure a lifetime trend with black leather shoes

Every guy should have at least one black leather shoes to go well with your once a year upscale occasion. Its transcendent nature gives a classy look that will be too hard to overlook. This also calls for a black belt and a black pair of socks for a completely impressive fashion sense.

Sneak out with sneakers

The fashion fundamental for every outgoing guy is evidently simple. Purchase at least one pair of perfectly-looking sneakers and stroll around comfortably.

So are you missing some of these classy clothing pieces? Head out now and remember to invest in these basic items for a guaranteed style and sophistication that you can bank on for years. Enjoy styling and happy shopping!

5 Easy Fashion Hacks To Instantly Look And Feel More Put Together

Dressing chic just comes naturally to some women while others must struggle a little in order to maintain a personal style. We say you ditch the seasonal trend book and device your own fashion rules to always look sassy and chic no matter what’s the occasion. To us, a chic look would have the right amount of glamour mixed with an urban edginess. Here are a few ways to keep up the chic style:

Fashion Hack # 1: Go by the Tri-color Outfit Rule

One of the simplest and basic rules to dress chic is to keep your outfit a little neat and put together; this you can achieve by not mixing more than three colors in your outfit at a time. While a kaleidoscope of tones and shades would appear desirable and artsy to some, pulling it off is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, ensuring that you don’t flaunt more than three colors in the same outfit at a time would make carrying an outfit easy for you.

Just so you know, basics such as a white top or black jeans won’t necessarily count as a ‘color’. Also, busy prints would count as one.

Fashion Hack # 2: Focus on the Basics

We can’t emphasize this point enough! Basics such as a black V-neck figure-hugging t-shirt; a white chiffon top with ruffled sleeves or a white crisp button-up are the key items that would lay the foundation of a solid chic outfit. Use them as a base to build your style. Add on an accent piece and take it up from there.

Fashion Hack # 3: Accessorize

Watches, dainty layered necklaces, trendy scarves, handbags, sunglasses – these minute details really accentuate your outfit. It shows that you pay attention to the details and really ties the entire look together.

Fashion Hack # 4: Rock a Bright Pout

If it’s summer season, go for a vibrant pink; if it’s autumnal bliss, rock a deep plum! A bold pout really makes for a loud and daring fashion statement. When you pair this look with the toned-down outfit it gives off a very cool trendy and uber chic vibe.

Fashion Hack # 5: Invest in a Good Pair of Jeans

Now, this may sound like a no-brainer, but a good pair of jeans can really make or break your entire look. Opt for skinny jeans or slim-fit pairs that create an illusion of elongated legs and narrow waists. Now you can play with textures and colors for your top.