How To Dress Up Jeans: 5 Simple Ways To Make Your Denim Stand Out


You couldn’t agree more that the most versatile bottom-buddies that are allowed to hug are legs are jeans. Okay, there might not be such a word as “Bottom-buddy” but it fits right? As long as it fits, there is always a place for it under the sun,

Like Jeans!

As long as it fits and as long as we can carry some style out of our pants then there would always be some new styles to cover and explore. Here are 5 new ways to make sure you stand out when wearing jeans!

  1. Turtleneck Sweater + Paper Bag Jeans

Turtleneck sweaters are undoubtedly hot, not just literally but also in the fashion sense. Balancing the energy, turtleneck sweaters can be best friends with Paper Bag jeans to balance the tight-yet-comfy feels your top has and the flowy-yet-intact sensation your Paper Bag jeans provide. Striped turtleneck sweaters look sexier when tucked inside this type of jeans. Also have this combo partnered with your best heels or maybe a complementing hat!

  1. Skinny Jeans + Light-Colored Shoes + Off-The-Shoulder Top

Not that I am a fan of the flowy effect but you should check this style out if you haven’t yet. Skinny Jeans give more emphasis to your legs and provides a little bit of a slimming effect while the off-the-shoulder top exposes your upper sexiness to a higher level. The light-colored shoes in this combination balances your style in between looking hot and being cool. You may add statement earrings and a matchy-matchy necklace as well. Sweet!

  1. Straight Jeans + Striped Ruffled Cropped-top blouse.

A new way to wear the old-fashioned-yet-unshaken Straight Jeans is to wear them with a cropped-top blouse, which would be better with stripes. It might be hard to imagine but it works! No cropped-top blouse but have a normal blouse at home? Easy, a pair of scissors or shears can be your best friend! Just a little time to spend with manual tailoring and you’re all set! Flats would also complement the Straight Jeans to give it a casual and more dignified look.

  1. Ripped Skinny Jeans + Plain white Tee + Blazer + Sandals

It’s such a great year for ripped jeans and sandals, isn’t it? Why not spice it up with a plain white tee and a blazer? I mean, come on! Imagine the fierce aura, girl! Plain tees give out the neutral vibes while a blazer would give the tee a respectable-looking companion. The combination of the tops you wear would balance the wild taste of the Ripped Skinny jeans and the sandals would keep you looking approachable while staying elegant. Awesome! Slay more!

  1. Cropped Jeans + Graphic Tee + White Sneakers

Want to try out a fun-looking getup? Then this style might work great for you! Graphic Tees shows a lot more about yourself alongside statement shirts which would look awesome with cropped jeans too when paired with the right footwear. White graphic shirts and Black graphic shirts would both look absolutely stunning with white shoes, and the cropped jeans’ role is to make sure your footwear is emphasized. Make sure to invest in really good-looking shoes that do not necessarily have to be expensive, to show a playful style.

Once again, as long as it fits and as long as we can carry some style out of our pants then there would always be some new styles to cover and explore. Stay slayin’ slayer girl!