ABS CBN Stars Alexa, Anji, and Kim Lead the Way in Metro Body 2024’s Body Positivity Campaign

In the annual Metro Body 2024 campaign, some of Star Magic’s biggest stars shared their inspiring journeys to fitness and self-love. This year’s campaign highlights these celebrities’ personal stories and experiences as they embrace healthier lifestyles, cultivate self-acceptance, and promote body positivity. By opening up about their challenges and triumphs, Kim Chiu and her fellow stars aim to inspire fans and followers to prioritize their well-being and embrace their unique beauty. The Metro Body 2024 campaign showcases physical transformation and emphasizes the importance of mental and emotional health in achieving true self-love.

Joining Kim are Alexa IlacadAnji SalvacionArgel SayconBarbie ImperialBrent ManaloChie FilomenoCriza TaaJeremiah LisboKaila EstradaKaori Oinuma, and Kyle Echarri.

The campaign was launched in collaboration with Star Magic Hot Summer 2024, which aims to celebrate self-love and body positivity. The grand summer event, held last Wednesday (May 15) at Laiya, Batangas, showcased the stars’ beach-ready figures and fitness transformations.

The Metro Body campaign encourages readers to overcome their insecurities and promote a healthy lifestyle that translates into physicality and mentality. In the exclusive feature published on Metro.Style, each Star Magic artist shared their ways of dealing with their imperfections and how confidence helped them break away from society’s unrealistic beauty standards.

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Source: This article was sourced from a press release sent by ABS-CBN