Meet The Rising Stars Behind The Cover Of The August 2023 Issue Of Sassy & Co: Genevieve Macabenta & Kristen Santos

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In a dazzling display of talent, beauty, and accomplishment, Sassy & Co magazine proudly presents Kristen Santos and Genevieve Macabenta as the cover models for its August 2023 issue. These two remarkable women exemplify the essence of empowerment, breaking barriers, and forging their paths in their respective fields. Their stories, as featured in this special edition, inspire readers to chase their dreams, make a difference, and leave an indelible mark on the world.

Kristen Santos

Kristen Santos, affectionately known as “Tootsie Aseron,” has woven a tapestry of remarkable accomplishments, from the dazzling world of pageants and modelling to the realm of compassion and philanthropy. Her life story is a testament to her unwavering spirit, resilience, and boundless dedication to making a positive impact.

Beginning her journey at a tender age of 9, Kristen’s passion for pageantry and modeling ignited. Little did she know that this spark would lead her on a path of empowerment and influence that would touch countless lives.

Marriage embraced Kristen’s life at the age of 19, and she soon donned the role of a devoted mother. Her nurturing spirit extended to her beautiful 22-year-old daughter, Jolleen Santos, and her 20-year-old twin sons, Nicholas and Jorrel Santos. Kristen’s journey as a mother was intertwined with her pursuits in the world of pageants, modelling, and coaching.

As a prominent figure in the modelling industry, Kristen’s influence resonates through her role as a pageant, model, and runway coach at one of the most esteemed model talent scout academies in Balmain, NSW, Australia. Her dedication to nurturing and honing young talents reflects her commitment to shaping the future of the industry.

The global stage beckoned Kristen, and she answered the call with grace and determination. In a remarkable display of talent and beauty, she represented Australia in the Mrs Universe LTD 2021 World Competition, a prestigious event founded by Megi Savova and Sava Tsekov. This showcase of grace and charm took place in South Korea, underscoring Kristen’s international presence.

However, Kristen’s story transcends the spotlight. Her heart is as radiant as her presence on the stage. Guided by compassion, she has ventured into numerous charitable endeavors, making a profound difference in the lives of those in need. From providing relief to victims of the Taal volcano eruption in the Philippines to supporting children battling heart disease through innovative merchandise sales, Kristen’s commitment to giving back shines brightly.

During the tumultuous times of the Covid pandemic, Kristen’s spirit of generosity continued to flourish. She extended her helping hand to feed the homeless in various areas across the Philippines, demonstrating unwavering empathy and solidarity with those facing adversity.

Kristen’s journey in the modelling world is adorned with accolades and achievements. Her elegance and poise have graced campaigns for a multitude of products, including watches, clothing, shoes, beauty essentials, and even condiments, in Australia.

Now, as she stands on the threshold of a new endeavour, Kristen’s star shines ever brighter. Competing as Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide Australia 2023, she is poised to grace the stage in India in October 2023. This remarkable feat in the Mrs. Supermodel Worldwide competition, founded by Sandeep Kumar, promises to be another chapter in Kristen’s legacy of triumph.

Kristen Santos, “Tootsie Aseron,” exemplifies the embodiment of beauty, compassion, and triumph. Her journey resonates as an inspiration to all, a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one’s dreams, spreading kindness, and leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Genevieve Macabenta

Genevieve Macabenta’s ascent in the finance industry reads like a captivating odyssey of dedication, skill, and unwavering determination. Her initiation into the world of finance commenced at the young age of 19, a mere stepping stone after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Business Marketing. With her mother’s brokerage serving as the inaugural platform, Genevieve’s journey was set in motion.

A pivotal transition saw her joining Australia’s largest banking institution, The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, at 22. This marked the commencement of an illustrious corporate voyage, with Genevieve embarking on her role as a Business Banking Associate within the call center. Guided by her thirst for knowledge and an innate drive, she swiftly scaled the corporate ladder, progressing through diverse Sales and Relationship Manager positions in the realms of business and corporate banking.

By the tender age of 26, Genevieve stood as a Corporate Banker, skillfully managing an extensive portfolio of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) clients with turnovers ranging from 5 to 20 million. Her mastery of client relationships and the intricacies of corporate finance became evident as she navigated the complexities of handling seasoned clients, often much senior in age and experience.

In a testament to her adaptability and versatility, Genevieve’s journey at CBA culminated in a pivotal role as a dedicated home lender for SME clients in 2012. This exposure to home loan and personal lending products would later prove instrumental in shaping her path as an entrepreneur.

The year 2018 heralded Genevieve’s visionary leap as she founded PW Mortgage Partners, a boutique finance brokerage poised to tackle diverse financial domains. From personal loans and car loans to home and investment lending, business and commercial financing, and Self Managed Super Fund loans, her venture became a dynamic hub of financial expertise.

As 2023 unfolds, Genevieve’s ambitions only broaden. Stepping beyond borders, she embarks on expanding to diverse cultural markets, an endeavor bolstered by her dedicated team. This expansion comes with a heartwarming outreach to the expansive Filipino communities in regional areas, offering them her expertise and unwavering support.

Genevieve’s journey is one punctuated by key milestones, each a testament to her dedication, foresight, and relentless pursuit of excellence. From her formative years in her mother’s brokerage to her transformative role as Managing Director at PW Mortgage Partners, she has journeyed through the dynamic currents of the finance industry with finesse and tenacity. Genevieve’s story stands as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike, showcasing the power of passion, adaptability, and an unyielding commitment to growth.