Sassy & Co is about unity. We’ll distribute to a large and diverse readership from all throughout the world.

We have a large and diversified visitor base from all over the world and they are made up of models, artists, fashion designers, fashionistas, bloggers and budding entrepreneurs. If you advertise through us, you will gain access to our global network as well as StarCentral Magazine’s (our media partner) massive network of over 500,000 followers via the StarCentral Magazine website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Instagram account.

The online version of our magazine has an average readership of 25,000+ per release which will be available for download via the StarCentral Magazine website. Your product or service will also be advertised directly to your target market which is a market that is prepared to spend on the latest craze. Equivalently you have an advantage over your competitors, increasing your direct market share.

The 4 editorial pillars of Sassy & Co magazine include:

• Fashion

• Designer Spotlight

• Events and Reviews

• Entrepreneurship

Your content will feature alongside only the most dynamic and eye-catching photos and imagery. Sassy & Co magazine features motivating stories of people and places down under, riveting feature stories, independent fashion event reviews, and the latest in fashion trends and styles. Your brand will be published directly to a target audience of open-minded, diverse, and ambitious readers in the emerging fashion designer’s community – both locally and globally. Not just a fashion magazine,

Sassy & Co is about connecting people. Sassy & Co aims to leverage its many international partnerships with the US, UK, New Zealand, and the Philippines – in order to create and build business opportunities for aspiring and established designers. The magazine offers its readers advice on how to harness their entrepreneurial skills and guidance on how best to join and navigate the fashion industry at large. We are Sassy & Co.