Every tribe has a leader, a group, and a culture.

Brought to you by the StarCentral Media group, Raymond Bartholomeusz Photography, and Australasia Elite, Sassy & Co magazine showcases and unifies the people, style, and talent of emerging fashion designers down under.

The mission of the Sassy & Co brand has always been to make its mark on the global fashion scene, and beyond. Sassy & Co magazine is a printed fashion platform launched to give a face and a voice to the culture, designers, and budding entrepreneurs all over the world.

It acts as the fashion-forward leader in the latest styles and trends, and as a publication, it promotes the importance of community, ambition, and growth.

Sassy & Co is not just any fashion magazine. Our aim is to build business opportunities for designers and models to showcase their brands amongst industry experts.

Sassy & Co is about arming established and upcoming designers with knowledge and techniques to navigate in the uncompromising deep waters of the fashion industry.

Sassy & Co is also about recognising top emerging and multicultural designers by offering a prestigious international platform.

Our purpose:

•Promote emerging fashion trade/export

•Serve as a scouting platform for industry experts and business of interest

•Serve as an Industry recognition platform for top tier emerging Designers

StarCentral Media Group

StarCentral Media Group is an Australian based multi-platform publisher, with investments spanning magazines, digital and events. We are widely recognized as one of the leading entertainment sources all over the world that provides up and coming talents with an authentic platform. Since our debut back in 2005, we have not only thrived but also managed to make a powerful presence online. With a strong relation to the entertainment industry – we have gone 15 years down the road and also branched out to events, photography, video, graphics as well as web design throughout the years.

Our portfolio includes some of the most dynamic publications in the entertainment industry: StarCentral Magazine, The Global Millionaire Magazine, Model & Mode Magazine, Sassy & Co Magazine, The Global Millionaire Magazine, Money Central Magazine, Film Central, GEQ Magazine and InLife Magazine.