Every tribe has a leader, a group, and a culture.

Brought to you by the StarCentral Media group, Sassy & Co magazine showcases and unifies the people, style, and talent of emerging fashion designers down under.

The mission of the Sassy & Co brand has always been to make its mark on the global fashion scene, and beyond. Sassy & Co magazine is a printed fashion platform launched to give a face and a voice to the culture, designers, and budding entrepreneurs all over the world.

It acts as the fashion-forward leader in the latest styles and trends, and as a publication, it promotes the importance of community, ambition, and growth.

Sassy & Co is not just any fashion magazine. Our aim is to build business opportunities for designers and models to showcase their brands amongst industry experts.

Sassy & Co is about arming established and upcoming designers with knowledge and techniques to navigate in the uncompromising deep waters of the fashion industry.

Sassy & Co is also about recognising top emerging and multicultural designers by offering a prestigious international platform.

Our purpose:

•Promote emerging fashion trade/export

•Serve as a scouting platform for industry experts and business of interest

•Serve as an Industry recognition platform for top tier emerging Designers

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