Fashion Designer Of The Week: Introducing The Talented Sejin Park

Sejinist has been a fashion art brand with artistic beauty + humor + color beauty since 2019. Aiming at Korean street fashion, they continue to unravel the stories of Sejinists. It expresses graphic motifs from Korean culture, centering on the five colors, and proposes a new style that modernizes hanbok’s silhouettes and details. Sejinist’s goal is to create a new Koreanism fashion by creating a trendy look by loving ours by combining traditional and modern culture.

Sassy & Co magazine recently caught up with Sejin Park to discuss her journey in the fashion industry, and here’s what went down:

How did you get into the fashion industry?

From an early age, I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and majoring in art, and entering the university’s fashion design department after going through art high school. Contrary to what I thought, the major classes I took after entering university were less interesting than I thought. I was skeptical about studying fashion, so I did everything I wanted to do while taking a two-year break from school. In the process, I found an identity for what I wanted and completed an exchange course at ENSAD in Paris to open up a broader perspective. I had an excellent opportunity and once exhibited my work at the Musée d’Orsay. It was a work using hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea, and many people did not know much about Korea. So after the semester, I returned to Korea and prepared for my brand launch.

What do you like most about being a designer?

I think of clothes as containers for messages. Every time I create a new piece of art, I feel very happy that someone understands the meaning and intent of the piece.

Downside to being a fashion designer?

In Korea, it is a difficult job to say, ‘If a designer brand survives in the fashion industry for only three years, it will be successful.’ Since there are so many clothes and brands, you must express your unique characteristics well to survive in them.

There are many times when I have to do everything on my own due to a lack of funds. Sometimes, only a small fraction of the effort is shown to people. It’s very difficult mentally and physically, but that’s what makes me grow and become a strong person.

What has been the most memorable experience of being in the fashion industry so far?

I always liked to play with people outside, but now I prefer to create new works in the studio. The fashion industry has changed my personality.

Who have been the most interesting people you’ve met so far?

My current boyfriend has the opposite personality to me.

He has no greed and is like the sea; there have been times when I looked at him as a research subject. We continue to learn much from him and become more like each other.

What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while in the fashion industry. This can be about the industry or about yourself.

Don’t follow the trend; let me make the trend.

If I pursue other things, mine disappears. Let’s live a life that challenges new things.

Is your family supportive of you being a fashion designer?

I started with many concerns and did not ask anyone for help or express my difficulties to show that I could do it myself. There were times when I didn’t get along well with my parents, who couldn’t express myself well, but they always supported and believed in me in everything I did. These days, he sometimes jokes that he is investing in me, so he tells me to pay it back with a building.

If you could go back in a time machine to when you were just starting, what would you do differently?

At first, I was under pressure to do better when it came to presenting my brand to people. If I could go back to that time, I would want to reduce my weight and express myself more as I am.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

To do what you want to do.

What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

My goal is to become a designer that encompasses various fields. We plan to open a fusion cafe and showroom that contains Korean traditions so that many people can enjoy it. The goal is to create a place to enjoy various things and exhibitions.